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  • Feb 2019 - Vision Board

    You may think that a vision board is a crazy idea, but they work and there is a simple explanation as to why.

    Money.Life | 25 Jun 2018
  • Feb 2019 - Open a Bank Account

    There are many benefits to having a bank account one of which is that this will help you to manage your spending and saving habits. It is important to open the correct accounts which will meet your needs.

    Money.Life | 22 Jun 2018
  • Feb 2019 - Smart Planning

    Tackle your smart planning of financial goals in the same way that you would plan a party or an adventure. Set a Clear Goal | Build a Budget | Measure Actual Spend

    Money.Life | 27 May 2018
  • In a Cashless Society Money Can Become an Illusion

    We are raising a generation who will be our future leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, employees and future parents.

    Margie Whitten | 17 Jul 2017
Money Life

Without proper education around smart planning and smart spending,
the children of today run the risk of becoming financially irresponsible in the future.

Web Based App

We have developed Money Life as an online web based application which allows parents to educate their family as to the value and the importance of money using their own money in a cashless society. The Money Life application allows parents to create budget categories and to set budget amounts with their family for each of the different categories.

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    Set Goals

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    Create Vision Boards

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    Measure Success

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    Have Fun


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