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  • The Digital Age

    The 21st Century has seen the start of the cashless revolution and the currency of today is digital. There is no doubt that a cashless society is the way of the future, however in today’s world money is already a somewhat abstract concept. As a result money can become less tangible and this changes how we deal with it in everyday life.  As we are not handing over physical cash we tend to feel as if we are not spending as much money as we actually are.  If not managed correctly this could be a recipe for financial disaster for this next generation if they see money as limitless.

  • The Right Attitude Towards Money

    If we can raise the youth of today who are living in a cashless society to understand that money is not an illusion and that it has very real consequences if not managed correctly, we can reduce the risk of setting them up for financial disaster later in life.

    We are raising a generation who will be our future leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, employees and parents responsible for raising the next generation, lets make them brilliant!

  • Financial Life Skills

    Being a teen today is very different to how it was only 10 years ago. The digital revolution along with higher levels of stress and anxiety put teens and young adults under immense pressure.

    Conversations about money from a young age help people grow into adults that have a healthy relationship with money. Financial discussions in a family will be more important as they grow up and become financially independent.

    The Money.Life purpose it to assist with these conversations, and deliver the financial education on earning, the importance of a budget and guidance on how to stick to the budget, why you need to start saving as soon as you can, developing realistic spending habits and how to become familiar with investing.

  • Motivation and Tools

    The education that Money.Life will deliver is not all about making money, but also the  importance of cultivating gratitude and empathy. Giving back is one of the key principles of creating wealth!

    Whether you donate money or time, giving back is beneficial - and not just for the recipients. Volunteering will help you develop new skills, make social connections, develop and grow as a person and boost your self esteem.

    We will share ideas on giving back and constant motivation to build financial habits which will be hard to break.

  • Who Are We?

    For 18 years, Margie and Jackie have run a successful company implementing financial planning, budgeting, forecasting and management reporting solutions for small to large enterprises. Through our experience in this field and working with people in organisations we understand the importance of smart financial planning, this is not only for companies but also essential for individuals.

    Our passion is to equip children, teenagers and young adults with the education, tools and ideas on how to build good financial habits so that they can make smart financial decisions naturally.

Money Life

“Motivation is like bathing, it doesn’t last! That is why it is recommended daily” – Zig Ziglar

Web Based Financial and Skills Education

Developing responsible financial habits from a young age along with the life skills that go hand in hand will build a strong foundation for the future.

By partnering with parents, schools, colleges, universities and most importantly our children Money.Life will deliver this financial education using real life examples and making this fun. 

Subscribers will have access to their dashboard which will deliver constant information, education, motivation, ideas and answers to questions you have about learning, earning, saving, spending, investing and giving back

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