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Money.Life Delivers Smart Financial Education for Teens and Young Adults .... whilst still having FUN!

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Money Life

Money.Life offers web based education which will equip teens and young adults with the tools to build sensible money habits.

Money.Life will deliver monthly education and support while on the journey into adult life.

This knowledge will assist in developing financial maturity and the skills to manage the pressures of life.

We can give this generation the kick-start they deserve to make safe financial decisions and participate in building their future.


Money Life

The best way to predict your future is to create it!

The Money Wise Generation

Creating a generation that understands the value of money will not happen overnight. The process of changing current perceptions will take many small steps.

If this generation can be given financially relevant experiences early in life their financial success will be more assured. It is one of our many responsibilities as a society to be there to guide and help our youth to learn lessons from these experiences. This will give them a higher likelihood of achieving financial success later in life.

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    From early teens
    to college students

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    Access via a web dashboard

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    Integrate budget with
    bank account

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    Prep the next generation
    for financial success


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A Planning Tool

Money Life App

The Money.Life application will allow users to create budget categories, set budgets per month and measure actual spending and saving.